什么是 LINQ

  1. LINQ 是语言集成查询系统的缩写。
  2. 主要包含 4 个组件-Lnq to Objects, Linq to XML, Linq to DataSet And Linq to SQL
    1. Linq to SQL: Can select from Database. But Microsoft only achieve Linq to “Mirrosoft SQL”. Other SQL shoule use the third-party plugins.
    2. Linq to DataSet: Select the data from DataSet. And it can also add and drop.
    3. Linq to XML: This module can be used to select from XML Documents.
    4. Linq to Objects: Can select from sets’ data, such as Arry or List etc.


static void Mian(string[] args)
    // 定义一个数据源
    int[] ints = {76, 34, 67, 27, 45};

    // 定义查询语句
    IEnumerable<int> scoreQuery = from score in ints
                                where score > 60
                                select score;

    // 使用foreach迭代输出查询结果
    foreach(var arr in scoreQuery)

Linq 基本语法


  • 以 from 子句开头
  • 以 select、group 子句结束
  • 中间可添加多行 where、ordeby、join 子句

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